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The Athletes Playbook
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Basketball A-Z: What It Takes To Make It From AAU To The Pros  
Written by James Donaldson
Parents!!!... Do You Ever Wonder If Your Young Student Athlete Has What It Takes To Make It To The Next Level?
The Athletes Playbook was created with just that in mind.

We are a community of former professional athletes empowering parents and student-athletes to design their success playbook for life.

We will provide a success playbook to student-athletes
 for high achievement in sports and life

Led by James Donaldson, Pres. and CEO with The Athletes Playbook and former NBA All-Star Basketball Player... The Athletes Playbook is a large community of young student athletes (8th grade - college) working directly with a very large community of former professional athletes (of all sports) whereby the older athletes reach back to the younger ones with words of wisdom, advice, mentoring, positive role modeling, training tips, etc.

    - Help your young student athlete with training tips from the pros

    - Also, receive advice from former athletes who have "been there and done that"

    - Assistance with college planning and prep, and financial assistance as well

    - Non stop flow of content about all the current topics affecting our young student athletes

What is The Athletes Playbook

Athletes Playbook (AP) is a new sports media platform set to officially launch in the fall of 2017. We feature profiles of former professional and student athletes, along with related issues impacting both communities.
Most of AP’s original content is produced by former professional athletes, subject matter experts and journalists. We also curate portions of relevant media articles and link back to original sources.

AP seeks to provide content that informs, inspires and empowers student athletes (and their parents and coaches) to design personal playbooks (pathways/roadmaps) for success in sports and life. - All Rights Reserved
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